Making Peace With Your Body


Making Peace With Your Body

You grew up with Mom grilling you on your appearance, your body, and your weight as the topic of conversation at family gatherings. Now, at best, your family members comment that they “just want you to be healthy” or “just want you to feel good”. At worst, they are still voicing the same toxic messages they have been saying for years. Maybe you’ve learned to mostly tune them out, but let’s be honest. It still hurts. Whether you gain or lose weight, the attention on your body doesn’t feel good or welcome. You are more than your body. In fact, your past trauma has a lot to do with your body and the way your appearance has been weaponized.

Woman making food in the kitchen. A HSP coach for introverted women can help with empowerment coaching and more.Even Food Feels Complicated

Your relationship with food is difficult. You know you need the fuel and nourishment, but have a difficult time with the emotional component of it all. Especially with your past trauma and the present stress of moving through the world as a sensitive, introverted woman. Things may be going well in other areas of your life, but you don’t feel comfortable or safe in your own body.

Enough is Enough: Your Body Deserves Better

You’re ready to reclaim your body, your health, and your appearance as your own, not something that others can comment on freely. But, how do you even start to go about this? Living your best life SOUNDS like a great thing, but isn’t that just for people on Instagram? Sadly, I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach (see what I did there?) or a list of tips for this one. But, why should I? Honestly, isn’t that the point? Your goals are YOURS. Just like your body. You get to define what the boundaries are around your body. That said, I have some general goals I would love for you to embrace if you want to.

Woman sitting on her chair with phone and a glass of wine. Confidence coaching and empowerment for women is possible with an HSP coach in Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida, North Carolina and beyond in the United States.Here are the goals I have for you, as a sensitive introverted woman wanting to make peace with your body:

    • You feel unapologetic in your skin, your desires, and your personality – and it draws the right people to you
    • You make choices based on what YOU want, not what your family, culture, or society has impressed upon you.
    • You are liberated from the oppressive, suffocating narratives of what you “should” be as a woman.

Does that sound like what you need? What you really, really want? If this sounds like what you want life to feel like, the Radical Introvert Coaching Program may be the right next step for you. You get to honor the needs and boundaries you have as a sensitive, introverted woman in this wild world. And, I get it. After my divorce, I decided I was done with the familial and societal narratives forced upon me as a woman. As a Puerto Rican woman, I straddled two worlds already. Why was I still trying to fit into the mold? It did nothing but make me feel inadequate and like I was falling behind. So, I broke free from all the ‘shoulds’ and stories about how I was supposed to live, look, and love. That’s what I want to help you do. Are you ready for it?


Photo of Enid De Jesus, HSP coach for introverted women in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and more. Get coaching for sensitive, introverted women in the United States, including Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond.I know that reclaiming your body is a process. It’s not going to happen overnight. If it could, you would have already conquered this particular issue! As an experienced therapist and sensitive introvert, I am uniquely able to help support YOU, wherever you are. Mind, body, soul, and spirit. Are you ready?

This program is different from other classes, therapy, and coaching you may have participated in before. We are going to be actively designing a life that is truly yours, amid the harsh reality of our fast-paced world. Whether you are in Florida, California, Texas, Washington, North Carolina, Oregon, Missouri, South Carolina, somewhere else in the United States, Canada, or even the United Kingdom and beyond…I want to help you THRIVE.

To get started or learn more about the Radical Introvert Coaching Program:

  1. Schedule a free, 30-minute conversation with me
  2. Determine whether this coaching for sensitive, introverted women is for you
  3. Spread those social butterfly wings, in a way that feels truly genuine.


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