Unconventional and Unconcerned: An introvert coach gives you permission to live your life, on your terms.


Unconventional and Unconcerned: An introvert coach gives you permission to live your life, on your terms.

Childless by choice. Single and unbothered. Partnered and living separately. Non-traditional college student. Avoiding higher education altogether. Successfully entrepreneurial and staying solo. Traveling the world instead of settling down. Keeping a very small social circle. Staying off of social media. 

Unconventional Choices and Successful Introverts

These are just a few of the “unconventional choices” people make all the time. Every day. So, why are they considered unconventional? Just because it isn’t “The American Dream”? It’s not “traditional”? Let’s be honest, it’s simply not what we are sold and told to want from a young age. Especially for women, this script is quite clear:

Group of women from the movie "The Stepford Wives". Confidence coaching and empowerment for women is possible with an HSP coach in Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida, North Carolina and beyond in the United StatesGo to college. Get a job. Get married. Buy a house. Have 2.5 kids. Keep working for a paycheck or stay home to raise babies. Have bi-monthly girls’ night time to let loose and complain about the rest of your life. Keep doing all of the above for decades. Retire. Move to Florida or travel when you’re too darn tired from the rest of it to actually enjoy it.
(Can you tell I’m writing this from my place in Florida where it’s not freezing cold in January?)

As always, please do not misunderstand me here. If that script above works for you, if that path lights you up, go for it! Heck yes. Embrace it! Feel that love and let it flow through you to fuel your incredible self every day. 

Finding Clarity and Confidence in Your Introversion

Woman looking satisfied outside. Sensitive, introverted women in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada can get help with radical introvert coaching here!However, if you clicked on this post, you were likely searching for something like, “introvert problems”, “different career and life choices”, “how to be happy as an introvert”, “successful introverts”, or “unconventional relationships”. That tells me that you are looking for something different. You are looking for validation and permission to live your life. To feel normal or accepted for doing things in a way that makes sense to and for you. The ability to live your life on your terms and no one else’s. How beautiful is that? Congratulations for knowing in your heart that this path you are on is the right one. That clarity and confidence is beautiful. I would love to help you celebrate and honor your introverted self!

Here are a few things I really want you to know as a sensitive, introverted woman in the world making unconventional choices:

Woman on a laptop, talking with her HSP coach. Rejecting your sensitive, introverted nature as a woman in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or beyond doesn't help with introvert problems! Get help from a hsp coach for women here.

Why this coaching for introverted women is different…

My mom told me once, “I have a lot of respect for you because you realized that doesn’t fit your personality. You have a certain lifestyle and ways to take care of yourself and a baby wouldn’t fit in.” That moment was pivotal. I was immediately freed from the pressures to conform to what I know the world wants for me. What I thought my family wanted for me. While the life I’m in now wasn’t exactly what I planned, I am so happy and grateful that I get to live my life by design. The way I know I need to be. This is true freedom. I’d love to hear from you in the comments…what does true freedom to live YOUR life look like to you? How would you live if the “shoulds” weren’t taking up so much mental real estate?

Consider the Radical Introvert Coaching Program

As an experienced therapist and sensitive introvert, I am uniquely able to help support YOU, wherever you are. This coaching for introverted women program is different from other classes, therapy, and coaching you may have participated in before. We are going to be actively designing a life that is truly yours, amid the harsh reality of our fast-paced world. Whether you are in Florida, California, Texas, Washington, North Carolina, Oregon, Missouri, South Carolina, somewhere else in the United States, Canada, or even the United Kingdom and beyond…I want to help you THRIVE. To get started:

  1. Schedule a free, 30-minute conversation with me
  2. Determine whether this coaching for sensitive, introverted women is for you
  3. Spread your wings and fly, honoring your needs and desires as a sensitive introvert


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