Camping Tips for Introverts by an Introvert Coach: How to Prepare Properly


Camping Tips for Introverts by an Introvert Coach: How to Prepare Properly

As an introvert, the thought of camping may send you into a bit of a panic. I mean, it involves being outdoors, interacting with others, and sleeping in a tent. Which doesn’t exactly scream “introvert haven”. But, I am here with tips to make it a little bit more bearable and maybe even enjoyable. So, remember with a little bit of planning (and these tips), you can have a great time camping as an introvert.

Introvert Camping Tip #1: Pick Your Destination Wisely

Woman laying in a hammock by the creek in the woods camping. Sensitive, introverted women in Florida, California, Virginia, and beyond in the United States can get summer survival tips from an HSP Coach here.When planning your camping trip, you need to consider where you want to go. And, I’m not just talking about the city or state. I’m talking about the actual campsite! When choosing a campsite you need to consider a few things. For example, is the campsite a public or private one? If it’s a public campsite, will there be a lot of people there? If so, it’s probably not the place for you.

As an introvert, you will want to consider a private campsite or a part of a public campsite that is a little more secluded. This will allow you to have some peace and quiet when you need it. However, if you have to choose a public campsite, try to find one that is less crowded. This way, you will still have some space to yourself when you need it. But, I wouldn’t forget those noise-canceling headphones at home in this case!

Space is Necessary

When choosing a campsite, the size matters. If you are someone who feels overwhelmed in large groups, then a smaller campsite might be better for you. Or, if you are someone who likes a little more space, then you might want to choose a larger campsite. It all depends on you and your preferences.

Introvert Camping Tip #2: What are the Amenities?

This one is super important, at least in my book! When you are looking for a campsite, you need to consider what amenities are available. For example, is there running water and flush toilets? Or, are there showers? These may seem like small things when planning but can be deal breakers when you are camping. Make sure the campsite you are looking at has all the amenities you want before you book it. Because the last thing you want is to be stuck without a shower!

Now that you have chosen your campsite, it’s time for you to pack! But, what does an introvert need to pack for a camping trip?

Introvert Camping Tip #3: Bring Your “Home” Comforts

Family outside of a camper in the forest. The Radical Introvert Coaching Program can help you learn What is HSP?, help with introvert problems, and more for the introvert girl inside. Get coaching in the United States and beyond!

Just because you’re going to be “roughing” it for a short time doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of your home comforts with you! For example, if you are someone who loves to read- then bring a book or two! Or, if you enjoy having a cup of tea in the morning- pack your favorite tea bags. You might be able to enjoy a sunrise and a cup of tea in the morning before everyone else wakes up!  As an introvert coach, I recommend bringing these small things because they can help you relax when camping. They can also give you a sense of normalcy. Doing this can also ease your anxiety which you don’t need more of when you are already out of your comfort zone and living in this chaotic world.

Introvert Camping Tip #4: PACK YOUR FAVORITE SNACKS

If you have ever been on a trip only to forget your favorite snack, then you know the importance of this tip! As an introvert, it’s important to have access to your snacks at all times. It might sound silly but it can be great if you need a pick-me-up or if you want to avoid people. Just go eat snacks in your tent! There will be no judgments here.

Food is life, and you need to be prepared.

Packing your snacks is also a great way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need while on your trip! Or, to avoid foods you don’t like. Being hangry and out and camping do not mix. So, make sure you have snacks that will make you happy and last the whole trip.

Bonus Tip: Bring an “Introvert Survival Kit”

Family outside sitting by a campfire while one parent plays the guitar. Learn tips for the HSP community from an introvert life coach in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and beyond.

Having an “Introvert Survival Kit” is a great idea to make sure that no matter what happens, you will be prepared! This kit should include things like:

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • A Good Book
  • Your Favorite Snacks
  • A Fully Charged Phone
  • An Extra Battery Pack
  • Comfy Clothes 
  • A Blanket
  • A Pillow

These are just a few things you should consider packing when you go camping! This way you will have sources of entertainment, comfort, and food. You will also be prepared for any social interactions that might come your way.


I hope these tips were helpful and benefit you during your next camping trip! If you have any other tips and tricks, please share them in the comments! Or, reach out to talk with me more about this privately. As an HSP and introvert coach, I would love to support you in figuring out a personalized plan to live your best life as a radicalized introvert. Let’s connect! By listening to this free, Radical Introvert Audio Training “How to Find Peace in This Fast-Paced World” you can learn more about my radical introvert coaching program. When you’re ready to take action, I make it simple to book a free, 30-minute consultation call with me. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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