The Curveballs of Life: Handling Them as an HSP


The Curveballs of Life: Handling Them as an HSP

It’s funny how life works. Just when you think you have everything figured out, something comes along and throws a curveball your way. If you follow baseball, you know that a curveball is meant to throw you off your game. And if you’re an HSP (highly sensitive person), those curveballs can be even harder to deal with. It can really shake up your world.

But the thing is, we have to deal with these curveballs in one way or another. They’re just a part of life. And as HSPs, we have to find ways to deal with them that work for us.

Picture shows a baseball on the line of a baseball field. Shows how working with an introvert coach can help you get back on track.

Big Changes Can Be Tricky for HSPs

As an HSP woman, you have probably had to deal with some big changes in your life, at some point. Maybe you’ve moved to a new city or switched jobs. Perhaps you have even had to deal with loss or grief. You’re going through these things because you have to. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

Big changes can be tricky for HSPs. We tend to like routine and predict what our days will look like. So, when something comes along and throws us off our game, it can be really tough to deal with. When moving to a new city or new job, you’ll be thrown off. It will take you a minute to get your head back in the game and find a new routine that works for you.

But, taking the time to figure out what you want your new routine to look like is important. However, you can use this time to restructure your routine to reflect what you want your new life to look like. This can be more time for yourself or time doing things you love.

Grief is a Process

Grief is something that everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. That doesn’t make it any easier. As an HSP, grief can be really tough to deal with and you feel things more deeply. You might find yourself withdrawn and not wanting to do anything. It’s okay to take the time you need to mourn and grieve. Don’t try to bottle up your feelings.

Making sure you’re letting your feelings out and dealing with them in a healthy way is key. This might look like talking to a therapist, writing in a journal, or talking to friends and family. Find what works for you and give yourself the time you need to process your feelings. Grief is a process, not something that happens overnight. Plus, there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Small Changes Still Matter

Big things can take the spotlight, but small changes still happen and can be just as hard to deal with. Maybe you had a bad day at work. Or that dinner you scheduled months ago is tonight. Perhaps,  your partner sprung on you that their family is coming over. These small curveballs can really put a damper on your day, week, or even month. Especially, if there is a lot of socializing involved.

As an HSP, making sure to check in with yourself often is key to managing your day-to-day life and in these situations. Make sure you’re taking time for yourself to recharge. This might look like reading a book, taking a walk, or asking your partner to reschedule dinner. Putting yourself and your energy first is okay.  In fact, it’s necessary. Your mental and emotional health should always be a priority.

Assessing the Situation

Shows a woman batting. Represents how working with an introvert life coach can help HSPs prepare for curveballs.When encountering these curveballs, big or small,  it’s important to assess the situation. This means taking a step back and looking at what is going on. Why is this happening? How can you make it work for you? How will this affect your day-to-day life? What do you need in order to get through this? These are questions you can ask yourself to see if there is anything you can do to cope with the situation.

For example, if your partner does surprise you with dinner with their parents. Instead of getting upset, you can see if there is anything you can do to make the situation work better for you. Maybe since they invited them over, you get a say in what is for dinner.  Perhaps you can ask them to help with the cooking or set-up. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, see if there is anything you can delegate to them or your partner. However, if you’re really not feeling it, that’s okay too. You can always say “no” and reschedule for another time.

Or, in another instance, you are moving to a new city. You can take some time to plan out your days. This might look like mapping out a few different routes to get to know the area or finding new parks to explore. This gives you the sense of control you might be needing during this time of change.

Making the Best of It

Shows a woman about to pitch. Represents how getting coaching for sensitive women can help you.

Even though curveballs can really throw us for a loop, it’s important to remember that we can still make the best of it. By taking a step back and assessing the situation, you can often understand that you can cope with the situation. Whether it’s a big change or small. But, it’s also important to remember that you can say “no” if you need to. Or, just take some time for yourself. You can also seek support from someone who understands you, such as an introvert coach.

Just remember,  you’re not the only one batting. We all have to face the curveballs of life. And, as an HSP, you have the ability to really feel things deeply. Use that to your advantage and find ways to make the situation work for you. Trust me, you got this! 


I hope this blog helps you to understand that it’s okay to feel things deeply and to take the time you need to process your feelings. You, my dear, are important and your mental and emotional health should always be a priority. As an HSP and Introvert coach, I would love to help you figure out more ways for you to cope with the curveballs of life! If you’re interested in coaching, let’s connect! You can learn more about my radical introvert coaching program with this free, Radical Introvert Audio Training “How to Find Peace in This Fast-Paced World”. When you’re ready to take action, I make it simple to book a free, 30-minute consultation call with me. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Enid DeJesus coaches introverted and sensitive women throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and beyond. She understands how curveballs in life can really throw you for a loop. This is why she created her coaching program to help women, like you. To help relieve you from the chaos of this world and to help find ways to navigate it.

If you’re interested to start the radical introvert coaching program, let’s talk!


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