Things That Scare Us: Scary Movies and HSP Women


Things That Scare Us: Scary Movies and HSP Women

Spooky season is here folks! Now, you may be reading this in October, around the holidays, or even months later. Either way, if you know you know.

Unpopular Opinion Alert: Scary Movie Edition

Scary movies. There have been a bunch of revamps, revitalizations, and remakes of “classic” scary movies lately. There have been sequels and lots of paying homage to movies that were pretty popular back in the day! Unpopular opinion? I’ve skipped them. In fact, I probably didn’t see the original and probably never will. *gasp*

Do You Want to Play A Game?

Movie theater scene with a sensitive introverted woman avoiding a scary movie. A confidence coach for introverts in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or beyond can help you own your entertainment.As a highly sensitive person in the world, frankly, I don’t like them! I don’t like scary movies. There, I said it. I am an adult and I don’t like scary movies. And, I’m willing to bet there are many of you out there just like me. Especially, highly sensitive women who were encouraged to try to watch scary movies by a parent, friend, older sibling, or someone else. When you were little, it was fine and acceptable to cover your face with your hands or leave the room, or…cover your entire head with a blanket. Just me? Maybe you were called a scardey cat, maybe a wimp, but ultimately, it wasn’t a huge deal because some kids like scary movies and some kids don’t. During your teenage years, you pretended to watch the movie but paid attention to something else. Or, you got out of watching the movie with friends because you had homework or something else to do. Maybe you hung out with people who didn’t like scary movies either!

“Grow Out of it Already” and Other Unhelpful Advice for HSPs

Now, as an adult, people ask if you like scary movies or if you’ve seen the latest and greatest remake of The Shining, or I Know What You Did Last Summer, or whatever. And, the reaction when you say you don’t like scary movies is a little less kind. I get it. I’m frequently asked, “Oh, you didn’t grow out of that?” or, “You know it’s just fake…It’s actually kind of funny.” or, “You just haven’t been watching the right movies.” Right? What else have you been told as a “reason” you don’t like scary movies? What do people think they know better than you know yourself?

I Know What You Did: Avoiding Scary Movies As a Kid

Woman watching Netflix holding popcorn, representing a highly sensitive introverted woman who has fear of scary movies. An introvert coach in the US can help you thrive.When I was a kid, I was scared. I had issues sleeping after watching scary movies. I didn’t want to go out at night. It was dark. Scary. I didn’t want to go by myself anywhere. A lot of that had to do with stories I’d been told or things I saw on TV or in movies. Now, as an adult, the assumption is just that I’ll grow out of it. But, there’s nothing to grow out of! I don’t like it. Scary movies don’t make me feel good. Scary movies make me anxious. They make me jumpy. Those nightmares and issues with sleeping can still happen as an adult. And, it’s just not fun!

Entertain Me!

Entertainment is meant to be fun, right? Entertain-Ment. Meant to entertain, am I right? Scary movies just don’t do that for me. And, I’ve spoken with so many highly sensitive, introverted women, and HSP people everywhere who feel the same way. We’ve talked about this before. HSPs have heightened senses. We’ve got more of a connection to experiences in the world than a lot of people do. Whether by nature or even as a way of living and experiencing life. Some of the most mindfulness-based people I know don’t like scary movies either. It’s not a thrill. It’s anxiety-inducing. Scary movies are panic material, quite frankly. And, it’s not fun.

Engaging in Entertainment in an HSP-friendly way.

Woman grabbing a bite of popcorn while watching a Christmas movie, representing the freedom you can get from a confidence coach for introverts in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and beyond.So, my dears, this Halloween season and beyond…let me tell you that it is okay to not want to watch the latest scary movie. Or, even the old classics. Watch a funny and heartwarming Halloween film if you want. Or, skip ahead to the Hallmark Christmas movies because I think they start in October too. I don’t care! Just do what works for you. You do you. Don’t apologize for the way you move through the world. Don’t apologize for not liking this particular brand of “entertainment”. It’s okay. Let me give you permission. As a human being in the world, let alone a highly sensitive one, you get just to say no. It’s your life, enjoy it. During spooky season, and all year long.


Remember, you get to live your best life as a sensitive, introverted woman in the world. As an HSP and introvert coach, I would love to help you figure out individualized strategies to live your life slowly as a radical introvert. Let’s connect! I help women all over the world find peace and acceptance in their introverted nature. You can learn more about my radical introvert coaching program with this free, Radical Introvert Audio Training “How to Find Peace in This Fast-Paced World”. When you’re ready to take action, I make it simple to book a free, 30-minute consultation call with me. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Enid DeJesus is an introvert and HSP coach for women located in Florida, North Carolina, New York, and beyond. As a sensitive introvert herself, Enid understands the struggle. She knows the pressures you’re under to conform to a world not built for you. Yes, she gets it! That’s why Enid created her coaching program to help liberate women from the pressure to be different. To help design a life that is meant for their sensitive, introverted nature. 

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