Slow Living During the Holidays: Recovering (Part 2)


Slow Living During the Holidays: Recovering (Part 2)

It’s no secret the holidays are overwhelming for many of us, especially those of us who are introverts or HSPs. The holidays bring about a lot of expectations, emotions, and obligations that can easily become too much. I mean, how many relatives do I really need to talk to? However, another aspect of the holidays that others don’t often think about is the fact that we need time for recovering from them once they are over.

Recovery can be hard on us HSPs since, after the holidays, we return to our regular daily lives. Our lives which were already full of obligations and expectations are now even more so. So, we often find ourselves feeling stressed and exhausted. Then we try to push through despite our bodies screaming for a break. So, what happens? You guessed it, we get sick or experience physical symptoms like migraines. What can we do to avoid all this?

I’ve come to learn that the answer is simple: slow down and recover.

Recovering From the HolidaysShows an HSP woman holding a cup of coffee and relaxing on the couch. Represents how an hsp coach will support you honoring your authentic HSP self.

Instead of pushing yourself to the point of welcoming an illness, why not listen to your body and take a break? It’s like recovering from an illness. We don’t need our bodies to say “Okay dummy. It’s time for a break” before we let ourselves rest when the holidays are coming to an end. Instead, why not take a few days? Slow down and give yourself permission to rest.

Plan Some HSP Friendly Recovery Time

This doesn’t even have to be anything major. Just give yourself permission to do nothing or anything that feels good. Maybe it’s an hour of just sitting in silence or reading a book. Maybe even taking a nap or going for a walk. Or even ordering out from your favorite restaurant and just eating delicious food at home. Who really needs to cook right? I mean, do you even have the energy after the holiday season?

Perhaps, you need more than just a couple of days. Maybe it’s an entire week off work or even more. It’s all depending on your energy levels and needs. As HSPs we are very intuitive and know ourselves better than anyone else. Take more time off if you need it. Recovering is essential and taking a break after the holidays can help prevent illnesses and physical symptoms that can be caused by exhaustion or stress. Especially since the holidays can be reminders of relationships or emotions that we have to process.

Take It Slow: Allow Your Introvert Some Space

Shows an HSP woman reading a book and holding a cut of coffee. Represents how coaching for sensitive introverts can help you find time to recharge and reenergize.Sometimes after the holidays, that’s when our friends and family come out with all the invites. Invites with plans that they have been so eagerly waiting to share with us. They start calling and inviting us to do things we don’t have the energy for. Don’t be afraid to say “no” and don’t feel guilty for it. You are allowed to choose how much you give and when you need to take a break. I mean, you spent the holidays with family and friends. Why not take a break now? They can invite you later when you feel more energized.

Your relationships are important. But so are you. So, to all the HSPs and introverts out there, it’s time to take it slowly and recover from the holidays. Take that break and honor your body. Your family, friends, partners, and loved ones, in general, will understand. After all, they just want you to be healthy and happy. Plus, you can reassure them that you won’t stay inside forever. After a few days of taking things slow, you’ll be back to your old self and ready to take on the world!

Do Those Things You Wanted To Do

When the holidays roll around, we perfectionism HSPs have a tendency to forget about our own wants and needs. We don’t take any time for ourselves and feel guilty for even thinking of it! But after the holidays? That’s when we can finally make time to do the things that bring us joy. While recovering from all the socialization, stimulation, and “merriment”. We all need something for ourselves. So, take this time to binge-watch your favorite show, go for a hike, or pick up that new hobby you wanted to try. There’s nothing wrong with doing something just because it brings you happiness. We often forget our own wants and needs during the holidays, so don’t allow yourself to forget them after.

Guess What? You Deserve It.Shows an HSP woman on the couch relaxing. Represents how an HSP coach can help support you to relax after the holidays.

You are deserving of that break. During the holidays, you’re probably spending a ton of time going against your introverted, HSP nature. So why not give yourself some time to honor your authentic self? Honoring your true self will help you slowly recover and recharge from all the holiday socialization, shopping, and family time.

I hear all the time from HSP women from all over the world that they never take the break they need. Thinking they don’t need or deserve it. Or that they just need to get that ONE thing done before they can take a break. But I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true. Recovering is essential. We all need and deserve breaks, especially after the holidays. Because if we don’t give ourselves the break our bodies need, our bodies will take it for us. So why not just give it to yourself?

So Take the Break!

So, instead of having your body take that break for you and feeling sick, take a few days off and give yourself the time to relax. Time for recovering. I’m giving myself permission to do just that by taking a break myself. As you know, I’m taking a break from blogging for a bit so I can honor my introverted, HSP self and the break my body needs. So that I can recharge and come back with even more engaging and informative content ready to go. I have so many ideas that need some rest and recovery before they can be birthed into this world and shared with all my fellow HSPs and introverts. However, if you miss my voice, I have over a year’s worth of blogs that you can read!

So, take the breaks your body needs so that you don’t miss out on all that life has to offer. And if you’re having trouble giving yourself permission to take those breaks, just remember that I’m here with you and cheering you on. You got this!


Taking breaks is only one of many powerful tools that you can use to help manage your sensitivity. And live the life you want to live. As an introverted, HSP you may find it hard to make changes on your own. That’s why I offer coaching for introverted, sensitive women. So I can help you take a break from the overwhelm and discover how to honor your sensitive self and make progress on your goals. Of course, if you want to talk with me more about any of this, I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, you can learn more about my radical introvert coaching program and how I love to encourage folks with this free, Radical Introvert Audio Training “How to Find Peace in This Fast-Paced World”. My hope for you is that you would be more able to radically embrace your true nature, unapologetically.

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Enid DeJesus is an HSP coach for introverted women throughout the United States in Florida, North Carolina, New York, and beyond. As a sensitive introvert, she understands how slow living and taking time off can help to create balance and improve our quality of life. She is passionate about helping women use their natural sensitivity as a superpower to create a life that is meaningful and satisfying for them. Enid knows how hard it is to try to live authentically and radically as yourself with the pressure of this chaotic world to conform. That’s why Enid created this incredible coaching program to help free women from the pressure to change their core nature. If you’re interested in starting the radical introvert coaching program, wherever you are in the world, let’s talk!


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